Lynne Lane is a certified speech pathologist with over 25 years of experience who assists children and adults in achieving success through confident communication.

Founder – Lynne Lane, MA/CCCS

Lynne is a certified speech pathologist with more than 25 years of clinical experience. She has extensive experience working with adults and children from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Lane Speech Consulting is committed to improving speech language and communication for children, teens and adults of all ages. Our highly regarded therapies improve a wide range of speech and language difficulties.


Articulation Error
Language Delays
Reverse Swallow
Tongue Thrust

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Accent Modification
Interviewing Skills
Speech Intelligibility
Voice Rehabilitation

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Danny Ameri

“Lynne worked with one of our sons, who was delayed in developing speech as a baby. Her work with him was excellent and definitely helped to get him into gear.”

– Review via LinkedIn

Marie Pichardo

“Lynne worked with me to improve my communication skills using accent reduction techniques. Lynne is a very good coach. she has experience, knowledge and passion for what she does. I enjoyed her service very much, and it has benefited my career.”

– Review via LinkedIn