An individual’s voice, speech clarity, and communication style have a major impact on relationships, education, career opportunities, and self-image.

Lane Speech Consulting is dedicated to developing strategies to present optimal speaking skills in all aspects of an adult’s communication world.


Do you avoid speaking situations because you repeat sounds, words or phrases, “get stuck” on words, or having accompanying grimaces or other body movements when you speak? Lane Speech Consulting can help you develop compensatory strategies for smooth, confident communication.

Interviewing Skills

Whether you are interviewing for college, graduate school, your first job, or transitioning between jobs, a successful interview is the first step up. Develop the skills you need to present your skills confidently and clearly with just a few sessions with Lane Speech Consulting.

Speech Intelligibility

Are your friends and business associates constantly saying, “What did you say?” Do you find the need to repeat yourself either in person or on the phone? Lane Speech Consulting can help you articulate your thoughts and ideas clearly and succinctly.


Accent Modification

Are you frequently repeating yourself to other? Is your foreign or regional accent affecting your sales presentations, client meetings, and telephone calls?

Lane Speech Consulting can help you reduce your accent and communicate more clearly in Standard American Dialect.

  • Improve speech patterns and voice clarity
  • Gain greater understanding from listeners
  • Be more confident – socially and professionally
  • Success demands strong communication skills. Ensure your words are always understood

Voice Rehabilitation

Your first impression to others is the sound of your voice. Are you conveying your message powerfully and with authority? Is your voice being heard? Does your voice sound too high or too low? Do you constantly lose your voice? Voice issues can include:

  • Vocal fatigue/frequent laryngitis and loss of voice
  • Unreliable voice
  • Delayed voice initiation
  • Pitch Breaks
  • Pitch that is too low or too high
  • Airy or breathy voice
  • Gender confusion (men’s voice being mistaken for woman’s and woman’s voice being mistaken for men’s)
  • Increased effort to speak or sing
  • Hoarse and rough voice quality
  • Frequent throat clearing
  • Extra force needed for voice
  • Vocal nodules
  • A voice that is too soft or too loud
  • If you notice any unexplained voice changes or discomfort, you should consult an otolaryngologist for a medical evaluation.