Has your child’s teacher expressed concern that your child may have a problem with certain speech or language skills? Or perhaps while talking to your child, you noticed that your child is struggling to communicate or does not speak clearly.

Whatever your particular circumstances, it’s wise to intervene quickly. Lynne Lane will conduct a speech-language evaluation to help you determine the nature of your child’s difficulties. A personalized treatment program will be developed based on your child’s strengths, communication patterns, and learning style.

Therapy should begin as soon as possible. Children enrolled in therapy early in their development tend to have better outcomes than children who begin therapy later. Contact Lynne Lane for a private consultation to discuss your child’s unique situation.


Articulation Error

By three years old, a child should be pronouncing /p/, /b/, /m/, /n/, /t/, /d/, /k/, /g/ clearly.

By age four, a child should be communicating thoughts and ideas and be clearly understood by family, friends, and teachers.

Lane Speech Consulting works with the child and the parents to foster the development of communication skills so that the child can understand the world around him, relate to others, and express wants, needs, and ideas, clearly and succinctly.

Language Delays

By the time children are two years old, they should say at least 50 words and have begun to use 2-3 word combinations. They should understand and respond to the world around them, play appropriately with toys, and relate to other children and adults.

Reverse Swallow/Tongue Thrust

A tongue thrust refers to the tongue pushing up against the teeth or between the teeth while swallowing. It may result in an interdental (between the teeth) lisp.

The tongue then can push the teeth out of alignment requiring the child to have orthodontia. If the reverse swallow/tongue thrust is not corrected prior to orthodontia (braces), the child may push the teeth out of alignment again after the braces are removed.

The tongue thrust can be corrected by Lane Speech Consulting in about 8-9 sessions or less.


Stuttering affects the fluency of speech. When a child or adolescent is dysfluent, he will repeat sounds, words, or “get stuck” on a word. He may sound breathless or may have frequent pauses in his speech. Lane Speech Consulting can work with the individual to help achieve fluency management.

Aisha Alamri

“Lynne is a very experienced Speech therapist who thinks outside the box. She was able to get my 2 year old, developmentally delayed son to talk! I highly recommend her services. She is friendly, caring and creative and enjoys her job which is what leads to great results. I highly recommend Lynne Lane as a Speech therapist.”

– Review via LinkedIn

Robert Katchko

“Lynne has helped my son from the age of 3 and has worked wonders and I just can’t say enough. Her work is obvious to anyone who knows my son from 3 years old to now, just a wonderful job very happy.”

– Review via LinkedIn